Monday, June 3, 2013

Inspiration for Cover of the Novel

Some people may be curious about the cover of the novel.  It partially displays a bracelet with coins, a cameo, and an onyx marble.
The bracelet, actually, is my mother's, handed down from my grandmother, and I took the picture for the cover.
It was a very popular jewelry piece in Cuba that has now become an heirloom of my family.  I have another similar one, but it is full of trinkets about my own life--like medals for achievements, or religious medals, or small trinkets given to me as gifts.  My sister has another.  As a young woman, I wore it constantly, so I used that concept for the novel and for the plot development.  Where better to place a coin found in the middle of nowhere that will shake the foundations of Gabriela's (my character) life?

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