Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Character Profile -- Gabriela

Gabriela, my main character in the novel, was also a joy to create.  I wanted someone who was, well, like me, in the sense of a normal woman, with a regular marriage and two kids, with a normal life, with normal problems, juggling marriage and budding career, who is suddenly thrust into a potential lethal situation.  I wanted to give her a bit of the Cuban flavor,
with a Cuban background, which would make her morally strong, as well as emotionally strong.  She needed to have a certain innocence to her so that Richard would be immediately thrown off by her and be physically attractive in an earthy sort of way.  She had to be obstinate, loving, with a sense of humor, loyal to a fault, smart, and with a huge giving soul.  This would create good conflict as she finds herself attracted to Richard more and more.
I made her an illustrator because it was a career she could do at home while taking care of the family.  It would also surround her with beauty to contrast the ugliness that will enter her life.
Physically, I chose a burgundy red tone of hair (I just love red hair--ever since I wore a red wig for one of my gigs on Broadway--my sister will know, lol).  I chose amber eyes, because I love that color eye--it is warm and expressive (Hugh Jackman's eyes come to mind), something that would be instant attraction between Richard and her.  Like my character said:  "Richard's surprise, on the other hand, was from the impact the woman made on him.  The attraction was quick and hard, like a gut punch.  As he faced her, he could only think that her looks matched her voice.  He blinked."

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