Saturday, December 28, 2013


Happy, happy, happy.  Another Honorable Mention.  This time at the London Book Festival.  :)


WINNER: Beyond: Popham Colony - R. deVillers Seymour

RUNNER-UP: Sable Shadow and the Presence - William Pease


Rising of a Dead Moon - Paul Haston
Moon River - Laurens van Veen
Julia & Rodrigo - Mark Brazaitis
Living Well is the Best Revenge - Jake Aurelian
Portraits of an Artist - Mary F. Sloan
Kisiskatchewan: The Great River Road - Barbara Huck
The Magdalene Mystery - Christine Sunderland
The Coin - Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
A Melody of Tears - Anas Abou Ismael
Ulysses Uncovered - Patrick Moloney
The Year of the Horsetails - R.F. Tapsell
Promise to Pay the Borrower - Page Martin
Silent Trees - Nashir Sanshab
Dragon Bones - D.A. Winstead
Sleeper's Run - Henry Mosquera
Winter Nova - Preston Morgan
The Rockin' Chair - Steven Manchester
The Goddess Letters - Vicki Matthews
The Biology of Luck - Jacob Appel
Fall from Grace - Patty Sleem
The Vacation - Gaspar DeMarco
Bleu Moon - Caroline Clemens
Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Tilia Jacobs
Primal Sympathy - Dee Silverstein
A Dark Perfection - Mark James

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