Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wonderful Review on The Coin

Author Laurie Olerich posted her review of The Coin on her FB page.  Beyond happy.

Here's my book of the week: The Coin by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra. I played hooky yesterday and stayed up late last night to finish this. It was just that good. The Coin is a romantic suspense with a clever, clever plot that involves a rare French coin, the unlucky artist who finds it, and the reluctant CIA operative who gets sent to babysit her. Maria set the book in/around Nice, France -- one of my favorite places! You can tell she lived there because the detail is perfection. I could clearly see the winding roads and hills of Grasse. The Cuban expat connection is thoughtfully done as well. Again, her experiences shine through. Her characters have a lovely depth that was a joy to sink into. Even the minor ones jumped off the pages! Loved Maurice! Bravo, Maria, for coming up with an unique twist for suspense fans! I really, really enjoyed this story! I'm looking forward to the second book -- The Book of Hours.…

Check out Laurie Olerich's ( ) novels.  They are worth reading!!

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