Friday, June 12, 2015


We all write to entertain, to tell a story, to bring to life characters and issues that are alive in our brains. But when I got this review on Amazon of The Book of Hours, I can't express how emotionally impacting it was. I am so grateful, and I really can't express the joy I feel. Thank you doesn't cover it it.  Thank you, Stracey. As Bettlejuice said, "You made my millennium."

By Stracey C on June 11, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
The Book of Hours by Maria Elena Alonso- Sierra can definitely be described as a work of art. The imagery and visualization were done with astounding perfection. The author has a skillful technique of luring her readers into a web of blissful hunger. The words written comes to life and are choreographed immaculately. The Book of Hours is a story about a woman who puts her family first above all, even if it means endangering her life and forfeiting her happiness. Will history repeat itself ? Is Danger lurking at Gabriela's doorstep or will someone from her past pay her an unexpected visit? If you want to find out one click now. Secrets will be revealed and the revelation will be mind-blowing . This magnificent book will take your on a journey of love, friendship, family, betrayal, forgiveness, danger and most importantly second chances. I implore you, if you reading my review get this series it is amazing. This suspenseful romantic thriller will leave you in an inescapable desire. Do not hesitate to one click five stars guaranteed.
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