Thursday, July 16, 2015


Series are hard to write. One of my biggest fears, when writing The Book of Hours, was that I would not do justice to the first novel, that I would either give too much information, or not enough, and that I would not show the growth of the characters, or develop them enough for those readers who were not familiar with the first novel. Could (and would) it stand as an alone? Would I spoil things for those readers? Would I give too much information from my previous novel for those readers familiar with The Coin?
When Terry wrote this in her reviews blog (…/review-coin-and-b…), I was not only pleased, but also relieved.
(Following excerpt is from Terry's Book Addiction: Review!! The Coin and Book of Hours...  See link above)
"The book of hours is book 2 in the series, not really series, but a duo-logy. I however mistakenly read this book first! What was amazing was that the author wrote book 2 in a way that I immediately understood the story and the characters without having read her first book yet, which is impressive to say the least! I did read the coin immediately following this book and loved that I was able to get more of Gabriela's story and it definitely played as backstory for this book."
It is extremely gratifying to see I didn't mess it up. Thanks, Terry Mitchell, for making my day.

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