Monday, October 5, 2015


Celebrating is a MUST and it will happen for one week, next week, beginning Sunday, October 11 through October 18.

For those of you who went to the puzzle page to figure out what I was talking about on my previous post, you probably already know what I am talking about.  For those who didn't, this was the AWESOME thing I wrote on my blog recently:  I have a novel trailer for THE COIN.  It is incredible and beautiful.  Booksgosocial created a wonderful video.  The trailer for THE BOOK OF HOURS will be launched soon with a sale as well.  Aren't good news wonderful when it is linked to a sale?

Because of this, for the limited time stated above, the e-version of The Coin will be only $0.99 at these wonderful retailers: 

What a deal!

But more importantly:  Go check the video out!  Let me know how you liked it.  Leave comments.  Share, share, share.  It is also on YouTube.  The link is:

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