Friday, February 19, 2016


Today, in Meet a Character Friday, I'm very pleased to introduce Becky from Illusional Reality, a soon to be released (March 12, 2016) Romantic Fantasy New-Adult novel from talented author (and narrator of audios and videos) Karina Kantas.  With this novel, Ms. Kantas has created a unique, magical world, where intrigue, deception, danger, and romance are intertwined. The world of Tsinia, is an unknown, magical world filled with happy people who try to forget their island is on the brink of destruction. Becky is your average, hardworking single woman who finds herself thrown into this world by accident, and saved by none other than Salco. In this alternate world of Tsinia, she is known as Thya, the most powerful and dangerous person alive. And, if you were told that everything you knew as truth became a lie, wouldn't you be pissed? I know I'd be having an atomic meltdown!

Her raised voice stopped the music and laughter-even Alkazar froze on the spot. All were witness to her rage.
“How dare you presume I would meet with Darthorn, let alone marry his son? Now you listen to me, and you listen good. You kidnapped me from my home, took me away from everything I hold dear, took my life away without my consent and now you expect me to marry the last person I would ever consider as a husband. I would rather die.”
Lightning struck overhead. Thya turned to the crowd. Her sight fell on Alkazar. She felt betrayed by him.
“I renounce my title. I never asked for any of this and I want naught. I want to go home, and I demand you return me.” Tears flowed down her face. “I cannot aid you. This is not my fight. I am sorry.” Then she fled from the astonished crowd.
For one stunned moment, no one knew what to say or how to react. The murmurs began and the council signalled Omad to go after her. Already Alkazar was on her trail.
Thya ran into the forest, continuing until her strength could take her no further, she collapsed to the ground and wept. The pursuers reached Thya together, Omad was unsure of what to say.
“My… lady,” he stammered.
“Go away,” she cried. “Leave me alone.”
“Princess,” Alkazar gently called.

Thya looked up at him, her eyes red and sore. “You knew,” Thya yelled, “And you did not tell me!”


Author Bio:
Karina Kantas is the author of the OUTLAW series.  She lives on an inland in Greece with her husband, two girls, and her imagination.
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