Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I just returned from staying at the Menger hotel in San Antonio, TX for Wild Wicked Weekend conference. Apart from the fact that it is a historic hotel, next to an even more historic monument, the Alamo, this venue had something close to my heart and Cuban roots. To actually see where Teddy Roosevelt had meetings to get the Rough Riders and to see the actual guidon flown in the charge of San Juan Hill in 1898 to help the Cubans achieve freedom from Spain, touched a very deep string in my heart. My Cuban history, meshed with American. Can't express what I felt.

Guidon flown as Rough Riders charged up Kettle Hill.

Sworn statement of authenticity by the man who carried the banner.

The Teddy Roosevelt exhibit at the hotel

Col. Teddy Roosevelt, before he became President.

Photograph of all the Rough Riders up in San Juan Hill.

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