Monday, January 25, 2016


Very, very happy!
on January 23, 2016
The Coin by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra is a fast paced, riveting, romantic 
romp through the south of France. Once started, it must be read almost 
non-stop from cover to cover. Characters drive a story as
much as the plot does. If they cannot grab and hold your attention...your 
love and your hate...then a novel may become tedious if you do not care 
about their fate. But when you truly care for the well being of the characters, 
the tale moves along at a brisk pace.
The main characters... the beautiful Cuban artist Gabriela Martinez and her 
handsome American secret agent protector... are crisply yet softly delineated; 
clashing with each other throughout the adventure; inevitably being drawn to 
the sensual magnetism of each other. The scurrilous villain and even all the 
supporting cast are finely etched enabling the reader to conjure up positive and 
negative images as they struggle to help or harm Gabriela. Throughout the 
story, the hero and heroine are dodging the evil machinations of the story's villain.
In addition to the wonderful characters, The Coin is filled with intrigue, suspense 
and best of all, the soft touch of romance all set in the beautiful countryside of 
France. It is a very pleasurable read that will leave you wanting more...more 
contact with your new friends... and there is more as Gabriela & Richard 
are united once again facing the menace of another ruthless villain in the 
sequel The Book of Hours. Happy reading!!!

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