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Today, on MEET A CHARACTER FRIDAY, I'm extremely pleased to present US Marshal Duncan McKinnon from Savannah Morgan's upcoming novel LIES, Book 3 in the Sapphire Springs Series.  For a man who buried a brother and arrested his own mother for that gold star, watch him match wills with Amara Davis, who is running for her life and is powerless to prove her innocence or her sanity.

Duncan McKinnon comes from a large, extended and complicated family.  When he was only seventeen he rescued Kylie James from his brother Allen, and unknowingly set in motion a deadly game of cat and mouse where Kylie is the prize and Duncan is the fall guy. Ostracized from his family and feeling alone in the world, Duncan carves out a life where living by the law is the only thing he can rely on. Ten years after that fateful night, Duncan returns to Sapphire Springs in the hope of finally putting the past to rest and bringing those responsible to justice.

Braden grinned as he watched Duncan do a balancing act with beer, milk, bread and few other grocery items. “I told you to get a cart or one of those basket things.”
“Blow me.” Duncan mumbled as he debated how he was going to grab the turkey breast lunch meat and not drop everything he was already carrying when he heard his name.
“Well I’ll be a son-of-a...Duncan McKinnon. When did you blow back into town, bro?” JT Porter asked in his way of greeting with a wide smile on his round face. Duncan had always thought when JT smiled like that he looked like one of those emoticons of the smiley face with the puffed out cheeks. JT was a large man, tipping the scale close four hundred fifty pounds, but he was a hell of a man and a great friend.
Duncan attempted to juggle his groceries so he could extend his hand in greeting. Determining that wasn’t going to happen without dropping everything he looked over to his brother. “You wanna help?”
“Sure.” Braden turned toward JT and stuck his hand out. “JT Porter, you old dog, how you been man? How long’s it been, seven, eight years, since we saw each other last?”
“Something like that, Braden. It’s good to see you, man.”
Duncan huffed a breath, as he laid the items down inside the refrigerated shelf and turned to the other two men. “Make yourself useful, Brade, go get me a cart,” he snapped. “JT,” Duncan finally extended his hand, “good to see you. How’s Michelle and the kids?”
“Fine. Fine. Doing great. Chelle has me on a new diet. I keep telling her I’m just a large man. Always have been, always will be.” JT chuckled in his deep, loud voice.
Duncan managed to keep himself from cringing at the volume of his friend. He had hoped to dash in the store, grab a few items, and leave before anyone noticed him. He should have known that wouldn’t happen.
It wasn’t that he was anti-social. Not at all. He was just exhausted. Duncan wanted to have a little down time, alone time, at his place before he had to answer the inevitable questions and make polite conversations.
 “How long you in town for this time?” JT asked a little quieter this time.
“Not sure. A few weeks, maybe longer.”
“Well, we need to discuss a few things.”
That had Duncan focusing more closely to what JT was saying. “Was there a problem? Did you not get the monthly check?” JT always looked after Duncan’s place when he had to be gone. Duncan sent him a check every month for his time and effort in keeping the place safe and kept up.
JT was about to answer him when they heard Michelle, JT’s wife, call for him. “I’ll swing by after I get Chelle home and the groceries in for her.”
“Uh, can you make it later this afternoon? We’ve been on the road since yesterday.”
“Yeah, bro, no problem. What do you say I swing by around four?”
“That would be perfect.” Duncan had barely finished speaking when Michelle called for JT again and Braden arrived with a cart, which had a loud, wobbly wheel. That was the reason Duncan hadn’t grabbed one on the way in. All of the Shop & Go’s carts were from the ‘80’s. They were metal. The wheels didn’t work properly. And you could hear someone coming a mile away. In truth they’d seen better days.
“I better go before Chelle has a fit. I’ll be by later this afternoon.” JT turned to walk away but quickly turned back to Duncan.  For once in all the time Duncan had known JT the man lowered his voice to nearly a whisper. “Can you tell Amara I’ll pick up the necklace when I get there? I really want to give it to Chelle tonight.” The big man puffed out his chest and his smile grew wider. “It’s the anniversary of our first date. Fifteen years ago today she went out with me for the very first time.” JT turned and hurried away.
Duncan looked over at Braden, confusion coursing through his brain. “Do I know anyone named Amara?”
“You’re asking me?”
“I’m looking at you, aren’t I?’
“Hell, brother, I didn’t know you knew any women.”

“Go to hell, Braden.” Duncan gathered the stuff he’d laid down and placed it in the cart. The odd ending to his conversation with JT had him perplexed. Who the hell was Amara?

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Author Bio
I have traveled the world, dove the deepest sea, climbed the highest mountains. I’ve fought against tyranny and injustice and brought evil to a grinding halt. I have been a queen’s handmaiden, made kings and lived the life of a princess. I’ve built realms and destroyed empires. I have owned businesses and been a work drone; run fortune 500 companies, and even been an irreplaceable assistant. I've written winning PR campaigns for product and evil candidates alike.
I have been a desperate housewife and the sexy neighbor next door. I've built towns, created lovely art, photographed the world and produced crafty little items. I have been betrayed, found the answer to the secret within the lie, and found love in the most unlikely places. I've scratched and clawed my way out of dissolute situations and I have caused those I love pain.
I can fly a fighter jet and swoop in for a rescue in a chopper taking fire. I am an expert with weaponry and can dismantle a bomb. I'm a brilliant chemist and have found the cure for the worst diseases.
I am your best friend and your worst enemy. I am the shoulder you cry on, yet I caused you the pain.
I am magical. I am a Warrior Goddess who will smite you down or send a faerie in to help you find true love. I can shift into any creature I wish to be.  I am all these things great and small, and the fertile depths of my imagination.
In truth, I live in Central MS with my husband and two dogs and live a simple life, which I love. I have an adventurous spirit and thoroughly enjoy seeing new places while meeting new and interesting people.

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  1. I love this, thank you for writing this blog on one of Savannah's sexy men...I always like a better "inside"scoop

  2. I love this, thank you for writing this blog on one of Savannah's sexy men...I always like a better "inside"scoop

  3. You are welcome, Luna. It was my pleasure.